Monday, March 26, 2007


Apologies again for the radio silence.

Thanks to Nessy for pointing out that the Ryman League's appeals board found the "given the specific and unusual circumstances the deduction of 18 points [for AFC Wimbledon] was excessive" and reduced the punishment to three. Obviously I'd like to claim this as The Sweet FA's first victory for common sense, but that would mark me as someone who just as frequently used the phrase "political correctness gone mad". Besides, I suspect the campaigning efforts of you, the readership, were a drop in the ocean in this case. But thanks all the same.

I'm also going to note that the racism charge against Emre was not proven.

Someone in the Guardian's "The Fiver" newsletter compared a fan's attempted assault on Frank Lampard in the Spurs game to, I think, a Stoke City game some time ago. In both cases, team-mates leapt on the encroacher and, um, put their points across forcefully; only Stoke were charged with failing to control their players. Anyone got details? I don't have time to look it up right now, I'm supposed to be working ;o)

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duncan23 said...

Good to hear that about AFC W.
I'll ask a friend about the Stoke case.